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Wreck Hunting In The Gulf of Suez with Tekdeep Safaris


June 2016 will see the team of Tekdeep Egypt undertake a wreck hunting expedition in the Gulf of Suez to search for the wrecks that diving centres and liveaboard operators never go to.

There are currently over 80 untouched wrecks in the Gulf of Suez and one of the reasons that Tekdeep recently acquired their very own Technical Safari Boat, MV Legends was to find them and dive them!

MV Legends has been developed exclusively as a Technical Safari boat with this kind of trip at the forefront of the design. Once onboard you will have access to:

  • Full Trimix Expedition Equipment
  • Helium and Oxygen
  • Full Blending Facilities
  • Rebreather Cylinders
  • Fully Rigged Stage Cylinders
  • Rebreather Spares
  • JJ-CCR Service Technician
  • rEvo Rebreather Instructor Trainer

This is the perfect boat with the ideal team for finding the lost wrecks of Egypt.

Learn more about how you can join this fantastic expedition on the Tekdeep website using the links below.

You can also learn more about MV Legends, the dedicated Technical Safari boat from Tekdeep at:


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