Sunday, May 16

Diving World Record Broken During Red Sea Dive Safari


I have to confess that I never expected to meet a blind diver. Whilst I do know that there are many people with disabilities who find diving is the perfect hobby for them, I never expected blindness to fit into this group.

I had the pleasure last week of not only meeting a blind diver but also being there to congratulate him on completing the “Deepest Saltwater Dive by a Blind Diver” during a dive trip to Egypt.

Graham Owen, a rebreather diver from the UK was out on safari with Tekdeep Egypt last week, on board their technical safari boat, MV Legends and it was during this trip that Graham descended to a maximum depth of 105m while diving the wreck of the Gulf Fleet 31 at Sha’ab Ruhr Umm Gamar in the Egyptian Red Sea.

Whilst the record is not an “official” Guinness World Record, it will be featured in the Diving Almanac.

The Scuba News would like to offer our sincere congratulations on this amazing feat and it just goes to show that having a disability does not necessarily need to be disabling.

Learn more about Tekdeep Egypt at:

Learn more about technical diving on MV Legends at:


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