Wednesday, June 16


Most of the time the wind in the Red Sea comes from the north but on the rare occasion it changes and comes from the south and then it’s called “aziab”. Aziab is the Arabic word for opposite and it felt natural to choose as a name for this website. was originally founded by Anders Jälmsjö. A Swedish diving instructor and self proclaimed “Scuba Diving Jedi” who arrived in the Red Sea in 1999 and found that there were no guide books on the market that gave the kind of information divers required. Launched as a passion to rectify this, was born.

All dive maps and dive site descriptions contained within the website were all compiled by Anders from his own experience of diving recreationally and professionally in the Red Sea over a number of years.

In 2012 Anders became friends with Lee from DiveMedia and in 2014 they envisioned a plan to expand and integrate it into the DiveMedia family, together with The Scuba News website. Due to extensive work commitments on both sides, this process took a little longer than planned until late 2015 when the new website was born.

The new website still contains all of the great information compiled by Anders, but now also incorporates news content from The Scuba News, together with more local blogs and articles, which means that  the site now not only caters to divers in the Red Sea but the Red Sea community as a whole.

It also now has great appeal to those who are looking to visit the Red Sea for the first time and are looking for great sources of inspiration and local knowledge.

If you have any questions about the Aziab website please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you wherever we can.