Wednesday, June 16

Marsa Ghalib

Marsa Ghaleb is located just 10 minutes from Marsa Alam airport. This is the first privately owned and operated international commercial airport in Egypt and offers direct flights to many major European cities.

Marsa Alam Marina Opened in December 2005 and now it offers facilities for up to 1 000 boats. The goal is to become the boating gateway and the leading yachting port in the Middle East.

The proximity to the airport has attracted a number of hotel chains and the resort offers more than 7,000 rooms and features an international style marina similar to the one in El Gouna and the new marina area in Hurghada.

The marina area in Marsa Ghaleb is a bit similar to the one in Hurghada or the one in El Gouna. There are a selection of restaurants along the promenade and plenty of apartments to invest in for anyone with a stack of cash to spend.

The traffic control and custom authorities are located in a building in futuristic style.

“You almost expect Thunderbird III coming whizzing out of the tower any minute” as my colleague Kevin said.

The Beach is spotless and neat as a new pin as you would expect in a place like Marsa Ghaleb and the surrounding reef invites to lovely snorkelling.

What to do if you’re not diving?

Activities around Marsa Ghaleb:

There’s plenty to do for a non divers in and around Marsa Ghaleb. Of course water sports such as wind surfing, kite surfing and snorkelling together with water skiing, banana boat and pedal boats are available along the beach but there are more land based activities as well. You can go on desert safari in jeeps or on quad bikes or why not dress up like Laurence of Arabia and explore the sand dunes and mountains from the horse-back…

Eat and drink

Since the original website a lot of the bars and restaurants have changed. We will be updating this page with more reviews as soon as possible. 🙂