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Technical Diving

SCR (Semi-Closed Rebreather)

Sharks and other shy marine life normally avoid noisy bubbling divers and in that perspective the SCR (Semi Closed Rebreather) has revolutionised sport diving. SCR nearly bubble free diving lets you get up close and personal with a whole lot of marine life making for instance photography much easier.

On top of this, the increased bottom times thanks to the use of Nitrox in this rebreather and the gas efficiency you can get much better value for the money you spend on a dive holiday

Rebreather diving is highly addictive and may change your life for ever!

CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather)

The major advantages of closed circuit rebreather lack of bubbles and the warm moist breathing air, the constant PO2 delivering the best gas mix regardless of your depth. On top off all this; the extended no-decompression times, and shorter decompression stops, and unmatched gas consumption, you will realise why more and more divers are seeking rebreather training. You are probably spending a small fortune on your dive holiday so every minute extra in the water is worth gold.


Quite often I get emails about rebreather diving in the Red Sea and if it’s worth bringing the unit? Most of the time divers want to know the answer to one or more of these questions:

“Which dive sites are suitable for RB diving?”
“Can I rent tanks or even fill my gas, and what about booster pumps?”
“Is it possible to get RB training in the Red Sea?”

On this page I’m going to try to answer those questions and if there is anything more you’d like to know you can send me an mail and I’ll put that up here as well.

#1 Which dive sites are suitable for RB and Technical Diving?

We have plenty of dives that are fantastic for Tech and RB. Some deeper wrecks and some reefs that would really expand and gain with longer bottom times. First of all; you spend a lot of money on coming here hence, every minute extra in the water is worth a lot. Reefs in the Hurghada area there is a tunnel on a depth of 40-50m just south of the police station on Small Giftun that is absolutely worth a dive. Abu Ramada north plateau stretches out into the blue to a depth of around 30m and below it you find a “shark point” which invites for a longer stay than what’s possible on a single 12 litre tank. There is a wreck called Hebat Allah that was sunk as an artificial reef on August 7th 2004 that sits on the sea bed at 46m. Plus there are a few drift dives around the out side of the islands that would be perfect.

In the Safaga area nearly every reef is world class and dive sites like Panorama and Abu Kafan with their sheer walls plunging down into deep water and plateaus on around 30 metres is any RB- or Technical divers wet dream. Also there are three huge wrecks after big Ro-Ro ferries that must be almost the ultimate dive on a CCR or a twin set.

In the North there are plenty of wrecks on the depth ranging from 22-50 metres. Rosalie Möller, Thistlegorm, Carnatic and Ulysses to mention a few. There are also reefs like the canyon on Tiran and the caves around Ras Mohamed that would gain from extended bottom times.

Deep South there is an endless stream of names that pops into mind. The Numidia and Aïda on Big Brother are wrecks that would be cool to do properly. The North plateau on little brother is a place where no bubbles to scare off sharks would add an extra value to a dive. Rocky Island is the location of the wreck of the Maiden,

Daedalus is where we find the Zealoth with the stern at 75 metres and the bow on 120 metres and this is an excellent RB dive. On Daedalus you can also go hammerhead hunting on greater depth which is much better if you’ve got some time to spend on the depth.

Weahther you like reefs or wrecks better There are plenty of excellent Technical- and RB dives in the Red Sea.

#2 Can I rent tanks or even fill my gas?

There are plenty of tanks to rent in Egypt. Dräger tanks and Inspiration/Evolution tanks are very easy and if you need any thing else it can most likely be arranged. Send an email and ask and I’ll check it out for you.

Filling of gas can be arranged anywhere. If you’re diving daily diving the dive centre can get a O2 tank and decant from and the same goes for liveaboards the O2 doesn’t cost that much per 60 litre cylinder so you can bring a few. Helium is of course more expensive and you might want to make sure there’s a booster pump in the dive centre or on the liveaboard. But don’t worry too much about it. It can all be arranged.

#3 Is it possible to get RB training in the Red Sea?

Most certainly you can. There are several Dive Centres that teach rebreather diving on many different units through various training agencies.

There are also a few freelansing RB Instructors around who take on students. What ever you want to do I can most likely arrange for you. And if you deside to move out here ther is a RB club where resident RB divers hang out and go diving together.

If you want to know more about RB diving in Egypt you can email on

OC (Open Circuit Technical Diving)

Technical diving has grown like crazy from virtually nothing 10 years or so ago to now being a common sight on liveaboards as well as daily diving.

This section is still under construction

We will be updating this page with pictures as soon as we have them available 🙂